Friday, May 01, 2009

vJazz cell phone rolled out

Virgin Mobile has rolled out vJazz cell phone. And now users would be able to enable free unlimited full-track music download with this wine red and black color handset.

virgin mobile rolls out vjazz cell phone1 vJazz cell phone rolled out

M.A. Madhusudan, chief executive officer, Virgin Mobile India said, “Music is at the core of youth culture, bollywood, jazz, hip-hop, rock, alternative, you name it, they know it!”

According to a Virgin Mobile press release, the phone comes packed with a 1 GB SD Card, allowing the user ample memory space to save or listen to his/her favorite music, anytime, anywhere!

The press release added, Virgin Mobile users now would be able to choose from a wide array of upto 1,00,000 Bollywood, Regional and International chart-busters and download full songs for free.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Israelis Unveil 'Rail-Riding Spybots' — To you or me, a monorail is a way to get around an airport, or a theme park. To a group of Israeli and German engineers, it's a high-tech defense, scanning for intruders.More… (Gadgets)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Orange Mobile Phone Handsets: enriched with tech-rich gadgets

Orange mobile phone handsets offer wide range of high-end mobiles that amaze the user with the 3rd generation of mobile phones. Orange mobile phone handsets offer wide array of handsets crafted for the youngsters, business centric, professionals, students and housewives too. Orange mobile phone handsets keep valued customers abreast with the latest in mobile technology. Orange mobile phone handsets are known all over for their latest Windows Mobile as their operating system and 3G smart phones which extremely let the user to feel ease every time.
From clarity of sound to capturing images with zoom, Orange Mobile Phone handsets bring out various multimedia features with the intuitive designing appealing the requirement of the user. Like if you are looking for latest 3G connectivity, Bluetooth technology, GSM, GPRS, HTML browser, digital cameras, MP3 players and video recorders than be comfortable with orange mobile phone handsets.
With the development of innovative technologies; Orange the manufacturers of the leading handsets have integrated tech-rich gadgets in the latest mobile phone which can transform the very communicative device into an infotainment one. Like in the vast collection it offers mobile phones like Orange SPV E650 exemplify the latest Windows Mobile 6.0 operating system with high end connectivity options and tools possible. Orange SPV M5000 uses the windows mobile version 5, has of the age applications and has added features like Direct3D Mobile, DirectX mobile and DirectDraw mobile with a 1.3 mega pixel camera and so on. This is not only with the Orange it too have Orange SPV E650 handset offers it user with QWERTY ergonomic keypad. Other than E650, Orange SPV M500 too facilitate with high-end technology as it has highly functional PDA, Orange SPV C550 is a boon for all the music lovers. It has an off the air music download facility; equipped with a 1.3 mega pixel camera and polyphonic ring tones.
Well, mentioned above mobile phone handsets are specimen of innovative technology which can manipulate communication through information and entertainment. Thus, to subsidize their cost user must select the best deal from the list like contract mobile phone, 12 month free line rental, pay monthly mobile phone and pay as you go. Availing the deal lessen the burden and offers benefits like low call rates, free roaming, free SMS for a particular period, free gifts and accessories, free insurance, free texts and many more.
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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Self-Illuminating 'Hair Gel' uses electro-luminescent particles

Wow... if you are like us, your first question will be "How did they do that?!" A patented process takes ordinary hair color and makes it extraordinary, by adding self-illuminating glow! Voltage does not rely on UV, neon or black lights to create glow. nstead, it produces its own light! More…

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Black Pearl: The Smallest Cellphone We've Ever Used

The Haier Black Pearl is honestly the smallest phone we've ever seen. It's hard to get a sense of how small it is from the picture, but you can see that it's about the length and width of two of my fingers, and around the thickness of one of my fingers on end. And I don't have large hands." More…

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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Gadgets of the near future, from Philips

Philips showed off its latest free-thinking ideas for its annual 'concepts' show at the ExCel Centre in London's docklands this week. Here's one: The Light Spectrum - Run your finger along the touch-sensitive device to adjust the colour of the ambient lighting in your tastefully appointed crib. More…

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Motion Simulator Racing w/LFS featured on Fox News

Full Motion Racing was featured on Fox News, which was based on the Force Dynamics 301 motion simulator and the popular Live For Speed. In Winter 2006, they are opening a sim-raced center in San Diego, CA. Get ready to check your mirrors, and drift the streets. More…